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How May We Assist You?

How May We Assist You?

How May We Assist You?How May We Assist You?

Let us assist  with all of your A la Carte Event Service needs!

About Us

 In our experience in this industry we have found that many event professionals and venues need help but are unable or do not need to hire full time staff. As a solution, we have decided to start an a la carte event industry assistant company. Event Professionals can outsource some of the more tedious, overwhelming or less desirable tasks required to run a successful business to my team. Some of the tasks my team are able to assist with include but are not limited to: researching venues, marketing opportunities and design inspiration. We also can assist with event preparation, event management, event set-up & break down, decor, shopping, office & storage organization, graphic design, administrative support, bookkeeping and soliciting repeat business.  

Jennifer Martin

 Jennifer has combined her passion and experience in the event industry with the joy she receives from helping others into a unique service geared to event professionals. Jennifer's training in administrative services and event operations and her interest in research, design and shopping allows her to provide a variety of assistant services. 

Jasmine Hawes

 Jasmine Hawes brings significant exposure to all aspects of hospitality and administration, along with related restaurant operations which has allowed her to thrive in the fast-paced world of special events.  

Our Team

  The rest of our team is a group of talented individuals with specialties like bookkeeping , social media , organization , day of event assistants, and many more  that can be provided to you based on the needs of your event .